ZOHAR LAVIE - Retreat Facilitator

Finding Connection through Meditation, Nature, and Service.

Dharmalaya Silent Retreat

Meditation is about calming the mind, understanding ourselves and freeing the heart. Insight Meditation (Or Vipassana: literally translated as 'seeing deeply or clearly') is the practice of developing a calm and mindful investigation into the nature of experience, leading to wisdom, compassion and the end of suffering.

On our retreats we emphasise exploring and developing greater mindfulness, compassion, and understanding. Silent retreats offer a precious opportunity to commit ourselves to a period of intensive practice in which we can nurture these qualities. They do not necessarily require any previous experience of meditation.

During a retreat there is a daily schedule of sitting and walking meditation. There are regular talks on a theme from the teachers, instructions and guidance about meditation and teacher-led interviews. Apart from the teaching (Dharma) sessions, the retreat is held in silence. This shared experience is often felt as profoundly peaceful and safe for participants.

Dharmalaya is a beautiful and peaceful Institute that prioritizes sustainability, non-harming, ecological sensitivity and education and spiritual practice. Nathan and Zohar have been holding retreats there since 2011.

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